Jul 23 2012

What is Success?

I would like to start out this post with a question: What is success?

When it comes to people, many think that the definition of success can be summed up as someone who makes a lot of money. I propose the idea that success means so much more than that.

Sure making a lot of money can be part of being successful, but it is not a qualifying factor in making that determination. Here’s why: a person can make a lot of money, own a large house and drive a brand new sports car,  but he’s putting all his time and energy into his job. As a result he could have a bad relationship with his wife, no friends, and no life outside of his job. Would you call that successful? A person that works his life away and dies, and all he leaves behind him as a legacy is the loads of money he made for the company he worked for? Is that success? I don’t think so.

I would describe a successful person as someone who knows what they want in life, and sets out and makes it a reality. They make opportunities happen for themselves, rather than waiting for one to come around. They also realize that money is simply a tool, and having a lot of it does not make one successful any more than having a lot of wrenches makes a person a mechanic.

It is possible for a person who has goals to set out and achieve those goals without having a lot of money. Therefore I would say that such a person is still successful. Take Mother Teresa for example. She lived a life of sacrifice in the service of the poor, yet being a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, I would say that she was quite successful.

A successful person knows how to balance their life so that they succeed in all areas, not just career. They realize that there is more to life than just money, and that there are things that money can’t buy. For those things, they need to put in just as much effort as they do with something like their career. They understand that they are part of something much larger than themselves. That they are part of a family, a social group and then society as a whole. And they understand that not only do they have an obligation to themselves, but to their family, friends and society as well.

A person who designs their life to function at full capacity in all important areas, and lives their life as they dreamed it to be, well now that is what I would call success.

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